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Conduit Breeders Cup Turf Win The countdown is on  ..  to the BIGGEST weekend in horse racing and to the BIGGEST Payouts of the year in horse racing!

Yes, it is bigger than the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes and the Belmont Stakes and so are the payouts.

The the BEST horses in the world come together  to compete against the BEST of the BEST in 13 races over 2 days on both the Turf and Dirt for $26.5 Million in purse money and the result is  BIG  winning tickets being cashed!

This will be the 1st time that the races will be held at the iconic Del Mar track located just outside of San Diego ... but it will be the 12th time that the races have been held in S. California.

In the (9) previous editions at Santa Anita, the Breeders' Cup Classic the winner has average $45.42 for a $2 Win wager as only (1) post time favorite has been able to win.......

We can count on  seeing big surprises in the race results with Big payoffs.

Last year when the races were held at Santa Anita Park the average Win price was $18.72, Exacta payout averaged $138, the Trifecta averaged $686 and the Superfecta  averaged a big $6,622 and the Daily Double $198 along with the $1 Pick 3 at $816, the 50 Cent Pick 4 at $2,937 and the Pick 6 paid out at $292,423!

How much of that did you win?

How much of it do you want to win this year?

Of the 8 Traditional Championship races last year, ONLY 3 Favorites won! That is why the Breeders' Cup is the ONCE a year opportunity to win BIG Money! The average Win payoff was $18.72 ....

Because they are the best of the best thoughbred horses the World has to offer and the prize money is also the largest for the 8 traditional Divisions and the 5 new Divisions, every horse can win and thus the favorites are way over bet.

Breeders Cup Classic Winner St. Liam For the 8 traditional races, the average Win payoffs over the past 10 years for a $2 wager are, $31.46, $18.50, $27.54, $18.88, $27.48, $9.84, $16.24 and $14.52 ....

The Win payoffs for the (5) newer Divisions averaged $18.49, $15.70, $16.78, $23.60 and $21.02 ....

With over $150 Million being wagered in the Pari-Mutual pools, this is the time of the year we all dream about. Cashing in on BIG winning tickets!

In the past 10 years of the Breeders' Cup;

  • the average Exacta paid ............... $174
  • the average Trifecta paid ........... $1,488
  • the average Superfecta paid ..... $12,116
How much of that did you win?

How much of that do you want to win this year?

Use "The Proven Winning Profiles" to Uncover Live Longshots!

The key to handicapping the Breeders' Cup is being able to separate the Contenders from the Pretenders. The most powerful way to do this is to utilize the Proven Winning Profiles
for each of the 8 races .....  now 13.

Yes there is a Winning Profile for each of the 13 Championship Divisionss run on Friday and Saturday that proves itself year after year. If you do not know these Profiles, you will have a next to zero chance of hitting the large payouts on the Trifecta and Superfecta wagers!
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Breeders Cup Winning Profiles We have developed a Proven Winning Profile for each of the (8) Traditional Championship races, PLUS this year we have added the (5) newer Divisions to the Proven Winning Profiles since they have now accumulated enough history, run on Friday & Saturday, based on the past 33 years of Breeders' Cup history.

The Profiles utilizes the factors that have proven to be the most critical in predicting the outcome of each Breeders' Cup race!

The only way to handicap horse races at the Breeders' Cup is to utilize the Winning Profiles ...  History repeats itself more often than not and once you know those Factors that have Proven to be Critical in winning the race!

  • Do you know which race has never been won by an European horse?
  • Do you know which Prep Race has produced MOST of the Juvenile Fillies winner?
  • Do you know which race guarantees that horses coming into it with a win streak of 5 or more will loose (they are 0 for 9)?
  • Do you know which races are almost always won by a Long-shot?
  • Do you know which races are almost always won by the favorite?
  • Do you know which races almost always has a long-shot finish in 2nd?
  • Do you know which race has had a California based horse make up the Exacta in 20 of the last 23 years?
  • Do you know which Prep race the winner is a certain Kiss-of-Death in the BC Sprint?

Do you think you would have a better chance in winning on Breeders' Cup day if you had this type of information?

Do you think you would have a better chance in hitting the Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta wagers?

Of course you do!       How could you not?

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Breeders Cup Winning ProfilesThe Proven Winning Profiles zeros in on those horses that have the BEST chance of winning and eliminates those that have NO chance.

Using the Winning Profiles also provides us with a very easy method for making Pick3 and Pick4 wagers. These wagers also provides us with some very BIG payouts.

In 2006 the $2 Pick 3 payoff averaged $3,389 and the Pick 4 averaged $6,126 and the Ultra Pick 6 paid out $1,450,707.....

Handicapping the Breeders' Cup races with the Proven Winning Profiles is a MUST for every Horseplayer who wants to cash-in on the BIGGEST payouts!

  • You will be able to spot the Bad Favorites to stay away from,
  • You will be able to find the live Longshots to use on top of your tickets,
  • You will know which races tend to produce the Biggest payouts in the Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta,
  • You will know which races the Favorites tend to win and are must use (possible singles) in your Pick 3, Pick 4 , Pick 5 and Pick 6 wagers (they usually have large payouts).

It is very easy and simple to use. It will take you ONLY 10 minutes to identify the Contenders and Pretenders in each race.

$9 Million in Guaranteed Wagering Pools!

Increase your chances of hitting more Winners than Losers by arming yourself with those factors that are most critical!

You will also get our powerful wagering strategy that maximizes coverage in a 14 horse field without requiring you to spend a lot! You will be able to play the Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta on a small budget.

You will also be provided with a link for downloading FREE Past Performances for ALL Breeders' Cup races!

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